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A Journey of Comfort and Love: Helping Bobby Find a Home

Helping Bobby


Welcome to this heartwarming journey of helping a dog named Bobby find a loving home. In this blog, we will explore the incredible impact that a little comfort and love can have on a scared and shut-down dog. Bobby, a small German Shepherd, has been at the shelter for seven days, exhibiting signs of fear and disinterest. Join us as we witness the progress and transformation that can occur when we provide a safe and comforting environment for dogs like Bobby.

The Power of Avoiding Eye Contact

One of the first things we learn in this journey is the importance of avoiding eye contact with a fearful dog. By not focusing our eyes directly on them, we can help de-stress the situation. Bobby responds positively to this approach, as the video shows that her stress levels decrease when the person avoids making direct eye contact with her. This technique allows the dog to feel more at ease and less threatened.

The Role of Treats and Affection

Although Bobby is in a fear state and unlikely to take treats, the video demonstrates the significance of offering treats as a gesture of love and acceptance. Even though she initially rejects the treats, the person persists in their efforts to show Bobby affection. This persistence pays off when Bobby finally accepts a treat, indicating a small breakthrough in the process of building trust.

As Bobby starts to show signs of progress, the person employs the “Pac-Man method” by arranging a row of treats and encouraging Bobby to move closer to them. While it takes a few attempts, Bobby eventually gains the courage to take a treat, showing that with patience and persistence, even the smallest steps forward can make a significant impact.

Discovering Bobby’s Story

Through research, the person discovers that Bobby is a three-year-old dog who was found as a stray in a Home Depot parking lot. The video explains that dogs found in such situations often seek help, whether consciously or not, as they struggle to survive on the streets. Bobby’s journey from the streets to the shelter demonstrates her bravery and the need for compassionate individuals to step in and provide the love and support she deserves.

A Name for Bobby

As the video progresses, the person decides to give Bobby a name and settles on “Bobby the Builder.” Although the name has no direct connection to Home Depot, where Bobby was found, it serves as a symbol of Bobby’s resilience and the hope for a brighter future. Calling her a good girl and offering gentle touches, the person reinforces the idea that Bobby is deserving of love and affection.

Mail Time: Support from the Community

The video takes a heartwarming turn as the person opens letters and artwork sent by viewers who have been touched by Bobby’s story. These messages of support and encouragement show the impact that the sitting with dogs series has on people’s lives. One viewer even shares a remarkable story of using techniques learned from the videos to help a lost child. The overwhelming response from the community highlights the importance of coming together to be the voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Building Trust and Comfort

Throughout the video, we witness the gradual transformation of Bobby as she starts to trust the person and show signs of comfort and relaxation. The person’s gentle approach and patience allow Bobby to feel safe and secure, leading to moments of progress and connection. While Bobby may still have a long way to go, the video demonstrates the power of love and understanding in helping a fearful dog find their confidence and happiness.

A Plea for Help and Adoption

The video concludes with an impassioned plea to the viewers to help Bobby find a home. It is emphasized that Bobby will need a patient and understanding owner who can provide her with the space to grow and develop at her own pace. The bond between a rescued dog and their human companion is described as unique and unparalleled, making the journey of helping a dog like Bobby even more rewarding.


As we conclude this blog, we are left with a sense of hope and optimism for Bobby’s future. The journey of comforting and loving a scared and shut-down dog can be challenging, but the rewards are immeasurable. Through the power of persistence, compassion, and understanding, we can help dogs like Bobby find their forever homes and experience the love and loyalty they deserve.