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The Worst Movie I’ve Ever Seen

Worst Movie


Being a YouTuber is often considered the dream job for creative individuals. You have the freedom to create whatever content you want without any higher-ups or corporate bigwigs dictating your every move. You can also make a substantial amount of money in the process. Many YouTubers have taken advantage of their platform to branch out into other business ventures, such as food-based projects like chocolate bars, coffee beans, and pizza restaurants. However, not all YouTuber projects are successful, as we will see in this blog.

A New Career Path for YouTubers

While many YouTubers venture into the food industry, some have set their sights on becoming filmmakers. Bo Burnham, known for his comedy and music, made the critically acclaimed film “Eighth Grade.” Logan Paul, controversial YouTuber turned boxer, made a movie about his own life. Even Fred, a character created by Lucas Cruikshank, got his own film. These YouTubers have successfully transitioned from creating online content to making feature-length movies.

A Disastrous Film by Kobi Productions

In the realm of YouTuber-made films, we now turn our attention to “Our Drawings,” an animated film created by Kobi Productions. Kobi Productions is known for their commentary videos on animated films. This time, they decided to try their hand at creating their own animated movie. However, as I am no stranger to hyperbole, I can confidently say that this is the worst movie I have ever seen in my life.

An Ambitious Description

The film’s description on YouTube reads, “Ever wish to see your drawings come to life? An adventurous woman named Paige Foster has the ability to travel inside her art and become whatever she desires. Accompanied by a beatboxing puppy, she must confront a mysterious unknown man who has entered her drawings. This animated movie has been six years in the making, with no outside funding. It was created almost entirely in Blender, an open-source 3D computer graphics software. The animation was done by just two people. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. I believe this film is on par with the quality of Disney and DreamWorks.”

A Confusing Introduction

The movie opens with Paige narrating about her life and her one wish: to see her drawings come to life. However, in the span of a minute, she contradicts herself by mentioning another wish to get back on her feet, as she was previously in a wheelchair. This inconsistency sets the tone for the rest of the film, where logic and coherence are thrown out the window.

The Magical Abilities of Paige Foster

Paige explains that she possesses a supernatural pencil that allows her to bring her drawings to life. She can enter her drawings and embark on adventures with the characters she creates. However, the movie fails to provide a clear explanation of how this supernatural ability came to be. Is it due to the magical pencil or the wish she made? The audience is left to ponder these questions as the movie progresses.

A Fight Against an Evil Wizard

Early on, Paige faces off against an evil wizard who threatens her. The voice acting for this character is comically bad, with the actor imitating Eric Cartman from the animated series “South Park.” The fight scene itself is lackluster, and the movie continues to introduce more confusing elements, such as the wizard’s ability to trap a random boy in shackles using one of Paige’s drawings.

Pillow’s Transformation and AI Art

Another subplot involves Paige’s sister, Pillow, who becomes jealous of Paige’s drawing skills and traces one of Paige’s drawings of herself. As a result, Pillow is transformed into a drawing. This development raises questions about the rules of the drawing world established earlier in the film. Additionally, the movie attempts to comment on the debate between AI art and art made by humans, but the execution falls flat.

The Battle Against Mist

The film builds towards a climactic battle between Paige and the main antagonist, Mist. Mist reveals himself to be the art teacher, who believes that artists like himself and Paige are not taken seriously in the real world. The fight scenes and dialogue throughout the movie are nonsensical and lack coherence, leaving the audience bewildered.

A Confusing Conclusion

The movie concludes with an anticlimactic chase scene and an underwhelming resolution. Mist is defeated, but his final words hint at a potential sequel. Whether or not a sequel should be made is up for debate, but one thing is certain: “Our Drawings” fails to deliver on its promise of a captivating and coherent story.


In conclusion, “Our Drawings” is a prime example of a YouTuber attempting to create a feature-length film without the necessary expertise and resources. The movie is plagued by inconsistent storytelling, poor voice acting, and confusing plot developments. While it is commendable that Kobi Productions took on the challenge of making their own animated movie, the end result is a disorganized and disappointing experience for viewers.


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