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Major Earthquake Strikes Taiwan

Strikes Taiwan

In breaking news, a major earthquake has hit Taiwan, causing significant damage and prompting a tsunami alert. The earthquake, measuring 7.4 on the Richter scale, struck the island’s east coast near the city of Hualien. Shortly after, another earthquake with a magnitude of 6.5 followed. The epicenter of the earthquakes is located about 100 miles southeast of the capital Taipei.

Taipei Remains Calm as Tremors Shake the East Coast

Despite the devastation caused by the earthquakes, the capital city of Taipei appears to be relatively unaffected. As seen from a live view, life in Taipei continues as usual, with traffic flowing smoothly and buildings standing tall. Taipei 101, one of the tallest buildings in the world, can be seen in the foreground, showcasing the resilience of the city.

Reports of Damage and Collapsed Buildings

However, closer to the epicenter, reports are coming in of significant damage and collapsed buildings. The city of Hualien, located near the epicenter, has been particularly affected by the earthquakes. Rescue teams are being deployed to assist with search and rescue efforts, as well as to assess the extent of the damage.

Tsunami Alert for Okinawa Island Group

Another concern arising from the earthquakes is the potential for tsunamis. Authorities have issued a tsunami alert for the Okinawa Island group, which includes a major US air base. While it is unclear at this time the scale of the waves hitting Japan, there have been reports of at least one wave reaching the small islands of Japan.

Monitoring the Situation

Meteorologist Joe Riei is closely monitoring the situation and providing updates on the earthquakes and the tsunami alert. As of now, there are no watches or warnings for the west coast. The main focus of concern remains on Japan and Taiwan, where the earthquakes occurred. The 7.5 magnitude earthquake, followed by the 6.5 magnitude earthquake, has raised alarm and calls for continued vigilance.


The recent earthquakes in Taiwan have caused significant damage and raised concerns about potential tsunamis. While the capital city of Taipei appears to be relatively unscathed, the city of Hualien has experienced considerable destruction. As rescue teams work tirelessly to assist those affected and assess the extent of the damage, it is crucial for everyone in the region to stay informed and follow any instructions or alerts issued by authorities. Our thoughts are with the people of Taiwan and Japan during this challenging time.