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Chassis Trailers – Built to Fit Your Needs


A chassis trailer is much like a cab and chassis truck, with the exception of the cab. These trailers are basically skeletons that you can add to, in order to have the hauling capacity that you need. They simply include the bottom frame, one or more axles and locking devices for the assembly. Once the chassis and container device are assembled and joined, you have a  trailer that you can use for your exact trucking need.

container chassis trailer are made by many manufacturers, including Strick, Great Dane and Wabash, among several others. If you have a favorite manufacturer, then you can check with them to inquire about their production of these types of trailers. Most people purchase them used, which saves money, and then have them equipped with the box or other hauling equipment that they need.

You can find many that offer a gooseneck chassis combo which are DOT ready and feature specifications that are equipped to handle up to 2 empty 20 foot ISO containers. Prices will of course vary by manufacturer, as well as the overall condition of the trailer. If you are looking for new chassis trailers, then you can contact your preferred manufacturer for pricing details. If you are searching for used versions, there are many available online at truck and trailer sites which will give you a good estimate of the pricing ranges you will see.

Once you have determined whether you are buying new or used, you can go online and find many available chassis trailers. Search for those that offer pictures in which you can view the actual trailer that you are purchasing. Contact information for the seller should also be included in the listing. A good way to ensure that you are buying from a reputable seller and that you are actually getting what you pay for is to find one site where you feel comfortable. A site that is dedicated to helping you find the trucking equipment that you need will have multiple listings of every imaginable product you could pos